With the goal of bringing this camaraderie back in style, The Social Club, a barbershop that impacts community and the natural environment with a single location in Detroit, has created a concept that goes well beyond haircuts, shaves. By cultivating a voice and destinations; The Social Club has been able to expand into all realms of the modern gentleman: Fashion, Music, Lifestyle, Grooming and others. At The Social Club, we follow these traditions and create new ones, all in the name of rebuilding a great American community.

The Social Club is committed to offering a hassle-free, yet high quality experience, without the pretensions of a salon. We represent the traditions of the barbershop culture and our expertly trained personal groomers provide classic men’s cuts and straight-razor shaves to a discerning clientele.



About The Founder, Sebastian Jackson

We hope to create an identity that will cultivate personalities; a brand and place where creatives come to be inspired as well as inspire others.

My first three business plans were rejected by Wayne State University, which is where I was determined to establish my first Social Club. In 2012, my wife and I, Gabrielle eventually succeeded in opening the Social Club Grooming Company, built with reclaimed lumber from blighted Detroit homes, on WSU’s main campus. We've partnered with a local park to build a greener city and already, clippings of cut hair have been used as fertilizer for 200 new trees. I take pride in the diversity of both my staff and clientele. The barbershop has historically served as a community hub, and I plan to recreate that experience for all Social Club members, while disrupting the industry. Meet my team, who is just as passionate as I am about this opportunity.